The PEP Talk Doc

Your Patient Experience Professional

Dentist Speaker - Coach & Consultant
Dr. Devinn Geeson DDS

If you want an engaging presentation for your audience, if you'd like to grow your practice by 30K in 3 months, grow your patient base, double your associate productivity, and get expenses in line, than we need to have a PEP talk.

Teams might enjoy some "Morning Huddle Mojo" to go with their coffee? Perhaps "Something To Chew On " for a lunch time meeting?

Need a little more?  Maybe a longer talk like "The Daily Grind" or the 3 day jumpstart bootcamp will be well suited.

Doctors may be interested in the "Tooth Numbers" talk - an overview of benchmarks and key practice indicators to determine how your practice is "tooth-fully" performing.

These are just a few of the unique ways to engage with Dr. G!


Signature Topics


The Patient Experience


Accomplished Associates


Practice Management


KPI's Systems for Success


Morning Huddle Mojo


Team Building & Practice Culture


Balance, Health & Wellness, Joy & Fullfillment

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Meet Dr. G 

DDS Entrepreneur - Speaker - Coach and Consultant

Dr. G is a dentist and entrepreneur who started and grew 4 practices to a value just under 6 million ... in under 5 years.

If you want to grow your practice, increase productivity and consistency with systems and protocols, or you are just starting out and need a proven pathway to a million dollar practice in 22 hours a week that preserves your balance and your sanity…It's all about the experience, the verbiage, and the value.

Why with Us?

Previous Assistant, Office Manager, RDH


Almost 40 Years of Experience 


Reliably Touch Every Member of the Team


Denovo, Acquisition or Sale Guidance


Broad Scope of Clinical Practice


Coaching and Consulting


Team Retreats in Your Office or Destination

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Where in the world is Dr. G?

Dec 22
Fulfilled Dentist Podcast with Karan Nijhawan 
Jan 1
The Business of Happiness podcast with Dr. Tarryn MAcCathy
Jan 16
The Stress Free Dentist podcast
Feb 23-26 
tentative* Business of Dentistry Conference Houston, TX 
Mar 1-8
Safari N Smiles Cairo, Egypt
May 4-6
We-Volution with Vanessa Emerson Phoenix, AZ
May 8-11
Smiles at Sea with Elijah Desmond LA - Mexico
August 24-27
Kentucky Dental Association
October  5-8
More for Me in 23' - Dr. G Retreat in Wrightsville Beach, SC
October 25-27
DEW Retreat with Anne Duffy Charlotte, NC
January 4-7
Live More in 24' - Dr. G Retreat in San Diego, CA

Audience Feedback

" Dr. G is simply a wonder. She condenses years of industry knowledge into a clean simple presentation. It gave me the tools to scale my practice and I've enjoyed continued education with Devinn after."

“ Devinn is an inspiration, speaker and dentist.  I heard her speak at Dentistry's Got Talent in Nashville and was absolutely intrigued.  You get the sense she truly cares about people and wants to help and support you.  I think she understands that life has its ups and downs but she wants you to focus on the positive, even when it's not easy.  She's honest and real.  Thanks Dr. G for being a great speaker.  Keep those talks coming.  I truly enjoy them! ”


The Practice Experience

The Foundation for Success

The Patient Experience

Propel Your Practice to the Next Level

The Personal Experience

Focus on Balance, Health and Wellness, Fullfillment and Joy

The Accomplished Associate

Become the Asset the Practice Needs

The Ledge or the Edge

Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Culture & Patient Experience Pearls

People Are Like Garbage Trucks

Protecting & Insulating Self In Dentistry, Self Care & Well-being

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